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Simple Time Management for Procrastinators


February 19, 2009 by brian

Ever since I first heard about Getting Things Done, I’ve wanted to develop better time management skills. I tried to use GTD, but was never able to apply it to my work, possibly because it was too complex for me.  Since then I have kept a few principles from GTD in my daily routine, but have been longing for a better alternative.

Thanks to the help of Lifehacker, I’ve finally found Autofocus, which I am extremely excited about.  Its simplicity allowed me to start using it in 30 minutes, and I’ve been addicted to it since.  The system seems to work with my tendency to procrastinate, rather than battling it the whole time.  Because of this, it has made my work much more enjoyable.

I won’t go into the details of the system, but rather let you read through them if you are interested.  If you’ve been interested in GTD, but just couldn’t get started, I highly recommend you try Autofocus!

So far I’ve only just started to use Autofocus at work, but if it continues to impress, I’ll definitely start using it at home as well.


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